We have an option for you.  Bring your practices to Clear Gravy Productions!


Not only do you get a nice comfortable practice space with access to studio axes, amps & drums, we're going to provide you with something NO other practice space provides... We'll, mic you up, and record an hour of your practice, so you can listen before your next practice and fix what just isn't working!  The recording typically results in a good “demo” quality recording.  Better than you can get from a live gig, with the same feel! I know... You're asking how much is this going to cost? It's got to be more than just renting a space. Right? Not so... We're offering this on nights, or weekends when we have nothing else happening.


Weeknights, (4PM-11PM Mon -Thu Till 12 on Fri) just $60 a session.

That’s only $15/hr!  And a recording to boot!


Saturday (8AM-12PM) and Sundays (8AM-10PM) just $75 a session.

That’s still under $20/hr!  And you still get a recording!


Considering a useable practice space, (I mean something that at least has heat,) can cost you $240 a month or more, unless you use it more than twice a week, it's costing you more than this! Besides, you get a recorded copy of what you've done without having to do it yourself!!!


Give us a call at 303-833-2029 or email to practice@cleargravy.com

You need a place to practice, but don't want to get into leases?  You don't want to worry about your equipment?  The drummer doesn't want to haul his kit around?  You wonder if your practices are even getting you anywhere?  The garage is cold, or hot, and the neighbors complain?  You just can’t really hear what your songs sound like?