We’ve been involved with recording since the late ‘60’s when I got my first taste of what it was like to record in a studio.   The experience is one that has never left me and started me on the road to having my own studio.


Tape was the medium of choice when I started.  Bouncing tracks, cutting tape and splicing it back together, noticing how the signals degraded when recording over and over, manual mixing...  Still, with all the work and inherent problems, there was nothing more satisfying than creating a composition from nothing but un-magnetized oxide and plastic backing.


While the medium has changed, the goal remains the same and the techniques used to capture great sounds haven’t changed much.  It still takes choosing the right microphone and pre-amplifier combination...  You must  


still dial in the right levels and tweak the tonal qualities BEFORE committing it to digital storage...


Our studio space is acoustically designed to provide a clear and natural sound.  We didn’t just fill a room with acoustic foam and call it good.  We took our experience, gained from working in, and building other studio spaces, along with a hefty dose of acoustical engineering, and built a building inside a building.  This gives us a huge advantage when it comes to getting a true reproduction of what you sound like.


We’re as serious about our job as you are about your music.  To prove that we guarantee our work!


We believe that the best sound starts “up front” and is not something that is created or “fixed” in the mix.

Let’s be clear here.   Everyone has something they do best.   We’re best at getting you a fast, high quality recording as a price you can’t beat!   When the project is recording a high quality demo with a “live” feel, you can’t do better than Clear Gravy for a quick and inexpensive solution.

Don’t forget...  We do more than just demos!  Also at great prices!